front page history

Front Page History: Events of Our Century That Shook the World (1984) ISBN 0-88162-051-3

Turning to the sensational front page stories from the international press, Harold Evans has, in an original and dramatic way, summed up the history of our planet from when press photography was first introduced at the turn of the century until the year this book was published in 1984.

By choosing the shattering, the ecstatic, the bizarre, the amusing and the horrific headlines which screamed at us across the pages, the events of the past fall into place. The Boer War, the San Francisco earthquake, the first production of Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring,’ the abdication of King Farouk, the year of three popes…over one hundred and twenty of the darker and lighter events of our traumatic age.

Add to Harold Evans’s personal selection and perceptive commentary, the three hundred and seventy five excellent press photographs, the background summaries by Hugh Barty King and the facsimile presentation of the headlines themselves, and Front Page History becomes an entertainment, a reminder, a mirror of our time.


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