shots in the Dark

Shots in the Dark: True Crime Pictures (2001) by Gail Buckland, Harold Evans ISBN 0-8212-2775-0

A riveting collection of history’s most startling crime photographs and the stories behind them.

Shots in the Dark
journeys into the unsettling world of crime photography. Featuring many rare and never-before-seen images, this heavily illustrated book sheds new light on the role of crime photography in our history and in our culture.

From nineteenth-century mug shots and wanted posters to Weegee’s famous crime-scene photographs to the notorious surveillance film of Patty Hearst, Shots in the Dark highlights key developments in the history of crime photography.  These are pictures we see once and never forget: an autopsy photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald; the bodies of Lizzie Borden’s parents, photographed in the room where they were slain; celebrity mug shots, including Jane Fonda and Bill Gates; and pictures of Nicole Brown Simpson’s home in the aftermath of her murder.

Photographic historian Gail Buckland has sought out history’s most provocative and important crime pictures and provides the reader with the fascinating details behind each image.  Renowned author, journalist, and cultural historian Harold Evans, who narrates the Court TV documentary Shots in the Dark, offers lively commentary to introduce the book.


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