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The Library

Welcome to the library of Harold Evans.  This includes his complete published works in book form and a few selected forewords.  Select a cover to read a synopsis and learn more about the book.

Some books are no longer in print but may still be available at,,,, or


Book List:

  • They Made America: From the Steam Engine to the Search Engine, Two Centuries of Innovators (2004)
  • Editing and Design: A Five Volume Manual of English, Typography and Layout (1973 – 1978)

Book One:      Newsman’s English (revised & updated edition in 2000 published as                      Essential English for Journalists and Writers)
Book Two:      Handling Newspaper Text
Book Three:   News Headlines: An Illustrated Guide
Book Four:     Picture Editing (also published in 1997 as Pictures on a Page:                      Photojournalism, Graphics and Picture Editing)
Book Five:      Newspaper Design

  • War Stories: Reporting in the Time of Conflict from the Crimea to Iraq (2003)
  • Eye Witness: 25 Years Through World Press Photos (1981)
  • Eye Witness 2: 3 Decades Through World Press Photos (1992)
  • Makers of Photographic History (1990)
  • Suffer the Children: The Story of Thalidomide with Phillip Knightley, Elaine Potter and Marjorie Wallace (1979)
  • The Active Newsroom: IPI Manual on Techniques of News Editing, Sub-Editing and Photo-Editing (1961)


  • The Hugo Young Papers: Thirty Years of Politics – Off the Record (2008)
  • On the Brink of Fame: Pop Stars in the Swinging ‘60s by Ian Wright (2008)
  • Alistair Cooke’s American Journey: Life on the Home Front in the Second World War (2006)
  • Media Law for Journalists by Ursula Smartt (2006)
  • Five Thousand Days: Press Photography in a Changing World by the British Press Photographers’ Association (2004)
  • The BBC Reports: On America, Its Allies and Enemies, and the Counterattack on Terrorism (2002)
  • Best American Magazine Writing 2002 (2002)
  • Shots in the Dark: True Crime Pictures by Gail Buckland (2001)
  • Don McCullin (2001)
  • Best American Magazine Writing 2001 (2001)
  • War of Words: Memoirs of a South American Journalist by Benjamin Pogrund (2000)
  • Attacking the Devil: 130 Years of the Northern Echo by Chris Lloyd (1999)
  • A Focus on Fleet Street: Stanley Devon News Photographer  by Ruth Boyd (1995)
  • Assignments: The Press Photographers’ Association Yearbook (1988)
  • Of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Princes: A Decade in Fleet Street by Anthony Holden (1984)


  • The Freedom of the Press: The Half Free Press (1974)
  • Newspaper Publishing – Is the Freedom of the Press in Danger? (1979)
  • The View From Ground Zero (2002)

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