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“A jaw-dropping social history . . . the best education possible in what
true journalism’s all about.” —Andrew Marr

My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times (2009) ISBN 978-0316031424

In My Paper Chase, Harold Evans recounts the wild and wonderful tale of his newspapering and publishing odyssey, which took him from Manchester to London and finally to America.  In England, he would become the editor of two of the most famous newspapers in the world, the Sunday Times and The Times of London; crack England’s biggest spy scandal; expose the cause of the world’s worst air crash of its time, involving the DC-10; and uncover one of the greatest health scandals of the century.  Then it would be on to New York, where he would begin all over again as a book publisher, acquiring the memoirs of Colin Powell, Marlon Brando, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon – and the unknown Barack Obama.

Creating a tremendously vivid sense of what once was – the hot metal type, the smell of the presses, the heroes who gave their lives to write a final paragraph from a foreign battlefield – My Paper Chase is not just a glorious remembrance of an amazing life, but a poignant reminder of all that newspapers have been, and all that they can be again.

Inside Jacket Cover:

From a wartime beach in Wales to the gleaming skyscrapers of twenty-first-century Manhattan, the extraordinary career of Fleet Street legend Harold Evans has spanned five decades of tumultuous social, political and creative change. His is an inspiring story of early struggles leading to a career in journalism at its most exhilarating and glamorous, of breathtaking scoops, adrenaline-fueled newsroom and corridors of power. Just how did a working-class Lancashire boy, who failed the 11-plus, rise to a position where he could effectively give voice to the unheard?

Evans give us a vivid insight into what it takes to confront arbitrary power, while evoking warm memories of the working-class England from which he came. Born in the bleak years between the wars in the sprawl of Greater Manchester into a thrifty, diligent and loving family, he inherited only the privilege of his parents' example. His father was a railwayman, his mother started a street corner grocery. Theirs was a work ethic that led Evans through night-school classes, national services and, finally, to his unassailably successful editorship of one of our greatest newspapers, the Sunday Times. Whether unpicking the murderous chaos of Bloody Sunday, giving an exposè of Kim Philby, pursuing a foreign correspondent's murderers or uncovering the atrocity of thalidomide, this consummate newsman evokes his contagious passion: for the real story and the truth.



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